viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

Guatemalan Military Enters Community of
Cuarto Pueblo, Ixcán Playa Grande

Association for the Defense of Human Rights in the Ixcán Area (ADDHAI)
July 13, 2012
The massive presence of the Guatemalan military a few days ago has caused great concern among community members in Cuarto Pueblo, Ixcán Playa Grande.  The military's presence in the community is not pleasant and the soldiers interrupted classes in the local school to carry out activities with the children that were never agreed upon by the community.

The soldiers also started questioning community members about forms of organizing and the work carried out in the community by local leaders.

The community has expressed its discontent and hopes that the military will withdraw, as their presence reminds people of the grave human rights violations carried out against the civilian population of Cuarto Pueblo during the internal armed conflict.

- That the President of Guatemala and general commander of the army withdraw all members of the military from the area and respect the community of Cuarto Pueblo's decision to oppose military presence in the area.

- That the Human Rights Ombudsman guarantee respect for the human rights of Cuarto Pueblo's population and ensure that no human rights abuses are carried out against the civilian population there.

- That human rights organizations express solidarity with the community and continue to accompany the community's struggle to stop the militarization of Cuarto Pueblo.

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